Friday, January 28, 2011

Are we getting wealthier?

There has been strong discussion about the inflation in recent past, with the surge in the food prices, and basic commodity prices. There is a strong connection of the surge in food prices with the lively hood of common people of India. We are the country with 80 % of population with middle class and below middle class, not sure if this number might be higher, has heavy impact with the earning. With inflation touching almost 19% ( Dec ‘25th Data released), and that to due to high vegetable prices, with onion prices up by almost 80 % and other vegetable by 50%, the lively hood of common people hit hard.
On the other side , when we say the GDP is growing with 8~9 % , FDI is going up, Indian foreign reverse is going up, we need to revise and relook into the system, whether the fair amount of these growth has been passed to common people. We can debate about the amount of the investment planned for future development to improve the lives of common people, be it about infrastructure, communication, telecom , information technology. Up to some extent we would agree that there is definitely strong fundamental behinds these, but with in these the basic needs to people in missing, we are not sure about the investment planned to improve the food grain & agriculture.
There is strong need of putting concrete plan to boost the agriculture, and preserve the food grain, just take in case, if the proper measure has been taken for preventing the loss of onion crops in Maharashtra and neighboring state, we could have been saved a lot of food grain and prevent the aftermath of it.
With the inflation hitting 19~20% , education cost going up by 10~12% annually and healthcare cost going by 12~15% annually, and to that the annual pay rise is meager 7-8%, can we say that we are getting healthier & wealthier?

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  1. Oh we are getting wealthier..our expenses are going up and we spend more and more. Isn't this the sign of wealthier people (Credit Card Companies are loving it)?
    "Spend more spend more" has been fed into our minds and now we dance to the tune.